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Amelia's neck

By Lorenzo Becchi and Sarra Kaufman
Published on September 2014

joining fears and actions

Amelia, a lovely and active woman, 55 years of age, walked into my treatment room. In order to look at me standing beside her, she had to turn her entire body. Her neck was frozen with stiffness.

I asked her the nature of her suffering and she replied she had fallen off her horse a few days prior. She explained she had been impaired by severe pain and tension ever since.

I had her lie on my treatment table and began with cranial sacral techniques to release the fascial holding in her neck. While the muscles took to the treatment and some movement returned to her, the pain persisted.

I had her close her eyes again and go within herself. I led her through a regression therapy to clean up any psychological debris from the accident. Instead a different story emerged.

As it turned out, the same week as her accident, she and her daughter had a serious confrontation. Though they technically resolved the argument, a bitter taste remained in Amelia’s mouth. To her, something between them was still unanswered.

I continued to guide her through the regression and expunged any remaining feelings of the encounter with her daughter. Once done and peace returned to her mind, her neck fully softened. Complete and healthy rotation, flexion, and extension reappeared.

So much of the time what we are suffering from is more subtle than an issue of blunt force. For Amanda, it was as if she fell off the horse so that she could thoroughly interact with the feelings surrounding her daughter. Once she unearthed psychological resolution, space opened physically for complete mental and physical recuperation.