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Heike's lower back pain

By Lorenzo Becchi and Sarra Kaufman
Published on October 2014

braking the wall of pain

I once had a client, Heike, 54 years of age who had been in profound pain all over her body. Since she was a youth, Heike had engaged in a myriad of therapies to manage her intense symptoms from the moment they emerged. Presently all that remained was this particular kind of back pain; one that was fierce, longstanding, and so far fully resistant to therapies of all kinds.

She came into my treatment room desiring help, but due to her history, understandably maintained low expectations.  

The first session was rigorous for me. All of my physical techniques for lower back stress had zero result. I was falling into the familiar pattern of her past treatments.

Sweat and dismay were pooling around me as I tried to match my work to the strength of her restriction. Halfway through the session I paused. “Perhaps blow for blow is not the way to freedom here.”

I considered the other skills I possessed.

I took my hands away and regrouped. I decided to adjust my strategy and began a regression to see if inside these wound muscles was some kind of emotional background.

I was blown away by what surfaced. Her lumbar had wrapped itself like vines around a history of sexual abuse by her father as a child. As if to choke it out of existence, her spine pulled tighter and tighter, thereby masking her emotional pain to appear purely physical.

And why would Heike ever expect that her body would swallow this story into the depths of its cellular makeup? Because she had spent years and years in various psychological treatments, including different kind of body work, reincarnation therapy, family constellation and also energetic healing in order to process this trauma, she felt it had to have been fully digested by now.

And, in many ways this is true. Heike´s quality of life improved significantly thanks to her effort.

Who would expect that 50 years later, this memory would still be inside her, persisting, asking for attention?

We met five times.

Every time we succeeded clearing the pain she came in with. However each time, like clockwork, Heike would call a few days later, complaining of pain in a new part of the spine. Each session focused on a different part of her spine, beginning in the lumbar and eventually ending in her cervical.

What amazed both of us was the quantity of simple memories and feelings that were still stored within her - holding onto the past and thus gripping Heike´s spine. Once released, however, Heike was washed with an enduring feeling of ease and freedom from pain.

Every session consisted of a simple regression inside of her body to access these deeply stored memories. I utilized a mixture of NLP and energetic healing to guide her through the release process.

My client is a woman of strength and persistence. She never hid behind her pain or her struggle, but rather was motivated to move in and through it. However, suffering can become a huge part of ones identity, and can happen unconsciously. Since her efforts to release her personal story were mostly psychological, a bit of those memories were apparently stored in her body in a specific manner that previous techniques has not been able to reach and release.

Nothing is fully of the mind nor is it fully of the body. The most effective treatments, I have learned, exist somewhere in the middle. As the facilitators, we must meet the problems where they lie. This place is often the mystical grey area where mind meets body, and so there we must go.